Message from Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors Darryl Plecas

The provincial budget was recently introduced, and with it came the announcement of enhancements to Medical Services Plan (MSP) premium assistance programs that I would like to share. These changes will help reduce costs for many seniors.
The new changes take effect in 2017. A single senior earning up to $45,000 a year may qualify for reduced premiums, and a senior couple earning up to $51,000 may also qualify. This means savings of approximately $240 -$480 per year.
MSP premium assistance makes a difference for seniors, especially those on a fixed income. Applying for MSP premium assistance is straightforward. In fact, for those British Columbians who think they qualify but haven’t applied, assistance may be provided retroactively to a maximum of six years.
To find out if you qualify for assistance, check out the MSP premium assistance eligibility calculator:

More information about applying for assistance can be found by calling toll free, 1-800-663-7100. Also, please visit the following government website for details:
Thank you,
Darryl Plecas
Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors to the Minister of Health

For more information about seniors’ services and supports, visit

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