Bill C-239, The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act

Ted Falk, Member of Parliament for Provencher has proposed to Parliament, Bill C-239, The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act. The Act is proposing that donations to Charities should have a much higher tax credit than they currently do, more in line with the Political Tax credits. The political tax credits range from 33.3% for donations over $750 to 75% for donations under $400.
With the ever decreasing numbers of Canadians donating and with the ever increasing costs of operating charities, this initiative will benefit both the ones donating and the receiving charities.
The following statement is by Ted Falk, Member of Parliament. Please support him and charities across Canada by notifying your MP to support this Bill (C-239).

I am encouraging Canadians who want to empower charities across the country to take just one minute out of their busy days to contact their Member of Parliament and express support for bill C-239 – The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act.
As a Member of Parliament I know how much of an impact every letter, call and email from one of my constituents makes.
How do you get the contact information for your Member of Parliament? It’s easy! Simply cut and paste the link below, type in your postal code and the contact information will pop up. A 30 second call or very brief email of support will suffice.
Thank you for helping. Together we can make a huge difference for charities across Canada.