How your donations help!

In the past, we have received donations in various amounts from many local businesses, residents, family and friends of residents, and friends of our Society. These have been used to provide things for the property that have helped to overcome mobility issues (such as proper ramps and handrails in the hallways, and electric doors),  to provide motivators for residents (activity and gardening opportunities) and self-help items to those that could not afford them (grab bars, steady poles, and handrails).


1)            We had no hand rails in the hallways. We needed about 600 linear feet of railings, complete with hardware. We sent requests to Pioneer Home Hardware, Windsor Plywood and Rona, asking each if they could donate 1/3 of the total needed. Within days, we had the required 600 feet, plus installation hardware, plus varnish. The labor to varnish and install the rails was donated time by staff.

2)            A need for raised gardens was identified. A request was put out to Marine Harvest and they donated 12 fish totes. A request went out for materials to finish the base. Campbell River Foundation donated  Two men volunteered their time and equipment and supplies and completed the base.

3)            A need was identified for materials to provide art and other recreation items for the residents. The Noon Hour Rotary donated just under $500 for that.

4)            One of the patio homes on the property was offered for sale to us by the owner. A mail-out campaign was done to get funding to help with a down payment on that unit. $16,000 was raised from residents, family and friends of residents, and from friends of our Society.

5)            The Campbell River Altrusia club donated money to hold a Zentangle art training program for the residents.

6)            The Home Depot Canada Foundation held their “Buy a Hammer, Build a Community” at the local Home Depot Canada store and raised $3200 which they donated to us.

7)            A need was identified for electric doors to allow easier coming and going for those in scooters, power chairs, and walkers. Foresters donated $1300.00 and $4000.00 was donated by residents and their families to complete this project.

8)            Rotary donated $1000.00, Catholic Women’s League donated $300.00, and family of residents donated $1000.00 to buy materials and construct a wheelchair accessible deck and ramp on the back of the building for easier access for wheelchairs and walkers to the ground level patio. Work was done by staff and a summer student.

9)            CRTV (no longer in existence) donated a large flat screen TV for the residents lounge.

10)         Over the years we have received many donations of various amounts from residents, residents grateful families, and in memory of residents no longer with us.

11)         In 2008, a $100,000 grant came from the Federal Government through Canadian Mortgage and Housing to replace 29 bath tubs with walk-in showers with grab bars, and  install raised toilets for those that qualified.

12)         In 2014, a further grant of $12,000 came through the same channels for a similar program to qualified residents with which we altered the remaining 11 tubs to make walk-in showers. (The alteration was much less costly and just as efficient). The difference in numbers is because some of the patio homes already had walk-in showers. We currently only have one unit without the easy-access showers.


With our property and buildings all being just past 20 years of age, we are finding the upkeep and repair/replacement costs escalating. We have had several large repair costs in the past two years which we have been able to cover with our contingency funds, however they are being drawn down. We currently could use donations to help us pay for one of our boilers for heating (replacement cost approximately $13,000), and to replace a flat hot rolled roof on the apartment building (estimates almost $60,000 plus tax). The vinyl siding on the buildings is in the early stages of deterioration and will require replacement within a few years, as will the sloped roof duroid shingles. The estimates for these projects runs well over $100,000 each.