Tax Time information for Seniors

The following was taken from the January newsletter of The Office of the Seniors Advocate (BC) and is timely information for seniors.

Tax Time Coming
The OSA is reminding seniors to file tax returns. Even if
you don’t earn enough income to file income taxes, it is
still important to do so. There are a number of income
supports that rely on your tax return for eligibility. These
include the federal Guaranteed Income Supplement
and Old Age Security programs, as well as a number
of provincial programs, including:

The Senior’s Supplement, which provides a monthly
payment of $49.30

Medical Services Plan (MSP) Premium Assistance,
which offers reduced monthly premiums on a sliding
scale, with households earning less than $22,000
paying no monthly fee

The BC Bus Pass Program, which provides an annual
bus pass for only $45

Volunteer Tax Preparation Clinics exist in a number of
B.C. communities to help you fill out your forms for free.
To find one near you, call 1-800-959-8281or visit

B.C. Seniors may also be eligible
for the following subsidies:

Fair PharmaCare subsidizes costs for eligible drugs.

Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) provides
monthly payments to subsidize rents for low and
moderate income seniors. 1.800.257.7756

Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI)
provides grants to low-income seniors to
modify their homes. 1.800.257.7756

Property Tax Deferment Program allows seniors
to defer paying property taxes. 1.888.355.2700

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